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The door to door journey between these two beautiful cities in Central Europe does not take longer than flying between Budapest and Zagreb. This way of transport is also much more comfortable than travelling by train or coach. You can tell the driver to stop for a rest whenever you want.

Although you must cross the international border en route. We provide door to door transfer by completely comfortable private vehicle with English speaking driver. You can book this transfer with pick up at any time of the day, from either Zagreb or Budapest. We can also do it as a night transfer. You can also consider the extension of your trip by making one or two stops on the way!

Private scenic transfers allow you to see more interesting places during your journey. You can choose your itinerary or you can let us suggest some interesting places to see. The price of the scenic transfer is calculated individually.

On the way between Zagreb and Budapest it is possible to see for example: Lake Balaton, Varazdin.

We guarantee that no passengers other than from your group will be sharing the vehicle with you.


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Travel time: 3,5 hours from door to door
Distance: 343 km / 213 miles
Attractions on the way: 6


If you would like to book a transfer between this two popular destination, please contact us for the pricelist












Why is our chauffeur different from a regular driver?

Chauffeur is alert to many potential risks that simply pass unnoticed by a regular driver and attempt to avoid danger before it arrives • Training gives the chauffeur better skills and judgment level to avoid potential threats or attacks • Chauffeur is trained to react quickly, while in motion or otherwise, and be prepared to move at a moments notice • Chauffeur has specialist knowledge of security manoeuvres, is fully trained in defensive and evasive driving techniques, and awareness of the vehicles' capabilities and safety features - both active and passive • Chauffeur knows how motorcades work, knows motorcade car positioning, as well as knowledge of how different vehicles present different problems, both in a motorcade and in regular driving scenarios • Chauffeur understands the need for route planning and contingency plans, and knows emergency procedures if something happens

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Other transfer directions in Budapest

Easier, faster and more comfortable with us than train or public bus


VIENNA 2,5 hours by car / 243 Km (151 miles)

BRATISLAVA 2 hours by car / 201 Km (125 miles)

PRAGUE 5 hours by car / 525 Km (326 miles)

KRAKOW 6 hours by car / 392 Km (243 miles)

KOSICE 3 hours by car / 259 Km (161 miles)

LJUBLJANA 4 hours by car / 463 Km (288 miles)

ZAGREB 3,5 hours by car / 343 Km (213 miles)

BELGRADE 4 hours by car / 379 Km (236 miles)




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